Waypoint Routing: A Network Layer Privacy Framework

Alfredo Matos, Susana Sargento, Rui L. Aguiar, "Waypoint Routing: A Network Layer Privacy Framework", Proc. 2011 IEEE Globecom, Houston, Texas, USA., Dec 2011

Tags: privacy, routes, routing, waypoint


This paper presents a routing framework that embeds location and communication privacy into the routing mechanisms. It conceals endpoint identification by introducing waypoints, through encrypted routing hints, where each waypoint has knoweldge of the next hop, assuring network privacy over several waypoints. Based on IPv6 extension headers and Onion Routing techniques, the network waypoints comply with normal routing procedures, avoiding explicit tunneling
or full packet encryption. By focusing on the network as a cooperative entity for privacy preservation, we propose a lightweight approach that can be easily deployed, establishing a good compromise between privacy and optimal routing.


Conference: 2011 IEEE Globecom in Houston, Texas, USA.