Taxonomy for GP-Aware Mobility

Sergio Figueiredo, Justino Lourenco, Rui L. Aguiar, Augusto Neto, "Taxonomy for GP-Aware Mobility", Proc. First International ICST Conf. on Mobile Networks and Management (MONAMI), Athens, Greece, Oct 2009

Tags: 4WARD, future internet, GP, GPMR, Mobility support


We present a structured analysis for classification of diverse mobility schemes, resulting in a taxonomy for mobility in Future Internet systems. The different approaches discussed are based on the Generic Path (GP) concept, a unified framework for the transport of information, and all of them revolve around the existence of a binding between the user and the end-to-end path. Each of the schemes is mappable to real existing and envisioned scenarios, and cover a broad type of services, such as conversational, streaming or interactive ones. As a base to this structured analysis, the work introduces the concept of Generic Path Management Record (GPMR), a flexible record capable of storing relevant information for any type of path, at any level, such as throughput, delay SNR or even authentication paramenters. Thereby, GPMR behaves as
much more than a mobility tool, extending its usefulness to everything related to the Network Management universe.


Volume: 32

Conference: First International ICST Conf. on Mobile Networks and Management (MONAMI) in Athens, Greece