Low-Latency Privacy-Enabled Context Distribution Architecture

João Gonçalves, Diogo Gomes, Rui L. Aguiar, "Low-Latency Privacy-Enabled Context Distribution Architecture", Proc. 2012 IEEE ICC 2012 - Communication Software Services and Multimedia Applications Symposium, Ottawa, Canada, Jun 2012

Tags: access control, context, latency, privacy


As personal information and context sharing applications gain traction more attention is drawn to the associated privacy issues. These applications address privacy using an unsatisfactory {"}whitelist{"} approach [1] [2], similar to social networks {"}friends{"}. Some of them also link location publishing with user interaction which is also a form of privacy control - the user has to explicitly say where he is. There are a few automatic location based-services (LBS) that track the user [3], but without more adequate privacy protection mechanisms they enable even bigger threats to the user. On previous work, an XMPP-based Context Distribution Architecture was defined [4], more suitable for the distribution of frequently changing context than other systems because it is based on the publish-subscribe pattern. In this paper the authors present an extension to this architecture that allows for the introduction of a complex degree of access control in context distribution. The devised changes enable the system to consider a number of interesting context privacy settings [1] for context distribution control. Also, this control must be enforced in a way that it doesn't interfere with the real-time nature of the distribution process. After describing the enhancements to the architecture, a prototype of the system is presented. Finally, the delivery latency and additional processing introduced by the access control components is estimated by testing it against the existing system.


Conference: 2012 IEEE ICC 2012 - Communication Software Services and Multimedia Applications Symposium in Ottawa, Canada