Project Website: http://atnog.av.it.pt/projects/opmip


Start Date:
May of 2011

OPMIP is an Open-Source implementation of the Proxy MIPv6 mobility management protocol. It is fully compliant with IETF's RFC 5213.

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Problem to address:
How to maintain the IP sessions of the terminal, when it moves through different IP access networks, in a way that is transparent to the applications and that doesn't require any changes to the terminal. How to do it in a standardised way.

Project contributions:
The project will develop an open-source and extensible implementation of an network-based IP mobility management protocol, supporting the PMIPv6 standard from the IETF (RFC 5213). More than just allowing the standard's base operation, the project will establish a base for developing the future instantiations of new IP mobility management protocols to come, allowing it to be easily deployed in different terminals, operating systems and using different network interface technologies.