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Start Date:
November of 1999

HealpixViewer is a software for visualization of Healpix maps stored in FITS files. These maps can contain gigabytes of information about CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) radiation, including temperature and polarization, and they need to be analyzed in order to achieve a better comprehension of the Universe. This way has raised the need to develop the HealpixViewer, to manipulate those maps in an efficient way, and to provide useful tools to ease the analyze task.

This software is written in C++ and uses OpenGL for map visualization, and Qt library for the GUI, allowing cross-platform portability.

Some of the features provided by HealpixViewer are the following:
- Support for high resolution sky maps in HEALPix format (until nside 4096)
- Multiple viewports with synchronization between them
- Mollweide and 3D sphere map projection
- Rotate and zoom maps when using 3D sphere projection
- Histogram and color map selector to control the colors used to display the sky maps
- Support for polarization vectors over the map
- Automatic resolution to balance between sky map detail and performance