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Start Date:
January of 2017

End Date:
December of 2019

Under the conceptual naming of “Integrated and Intelligent Corporate Communications Platforms”, the project aims to develop new product concepts (and their due proofs of concepts) that can induce a paradigm shift in regard to the current practices os corporate ICT usage and their associated fragilities in terms of information management capabilities as well as traceable and structured communication activities.

Through the coherent combination of a number of new and emergent technologies and/or technological research avenues, this collaborative R&D project defines as its ultimate strategic objective the optimization of the humam interaction and intuitive‐intelligent information management in the corporate contexts by the development of new info‐communicational tools that leverage the individual and collective performance of the organizations.
With this objective in mind, the project purposes a set of articulated activities which reflect the understanding of the partners that such an objective can only be competitively achieved by developing articulated work in a number of diverse R&D topics which fall under two grand applicational objectives, namely:

New collaborative interfaces, comprehending the R&D topics of:

  • Web‐based Communications
  • Context Aware Applications
  • Interfaces and Interaction Design

Adaptative management of rescources and systems, comprehending the R&D topics of:

  • Emergent communications systems: SDN (software defined networks)
  • BigData