Recognizing Entities Across Protocols with Unified UUID Discovery and Asymmetric Keys

Rui Ferreira, Alfredo Matos, Rui L. Aguiar, "Recognizing Entities Across Protocols with Unified UUID Discovery and Asymmetric Keys", Proc. IEEE Globecom, Atlanta, USA, Dec 2013


The Internet-of-Things vision introduces scenarios composed of many devices and
protocols, in order to support real world user interactions. This also
brought a fractured vision, since it is hard to extend communication over
diverse technologies, even for communication with the same devices.

In this paper we propose to address the fractured IoT ecosystem using a UUID
based discovery layer that allows recognising entities across different
protocols. By using asymmetric keys as the basis for a UUID device
identification namespace, we provide a stable identification layer that enables
recognizing entities (devices) across protocols and simultaneously retaining
a security context over different protocols.

We use this identification and discovery layer as the basis for an integrated
framework where communication between devices can happen over any available
channel or technology. The framework is instantiated in an experimental
prototype, used to assess the pragmatic changes and overall impact of using
a cross-protocol identification scheme.


Conference: IEEE Globecom in Atlanta, USA