Project Website: http://ossas-ld.ipn.pt/


Start Date:
November of 2013

End Date:
October of 2014

Open Charging as a Service (OCaaS) aims to support the configuration and execution of platform usage policies. OCaaS is a subset of a bigger project that delivers OSS services from a SaaS perspective for Telco providers.

Major features to be developed on this project are as follows:

  • To gather and to process information about the resources consumed by a given set of Services or Services instances (e.g.: metrics for Service A include time meters while metrics for Service B records data volume meters).
  • Enforcement of usage management policies triggered by services usage, including the following examples:
    • Auditing: based on an historic of every metric defined within the infrastructure, enabling Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance.
    • Charging capabilities: ensure the applicability of Business Models on top of the information collected by the platform.

ATNoG have been actively involved in several Openstack subprojects (e.g., former Quantum). The continuous research efforts towards the development of Openstack as well as recent contributions on Ceilometer (i.e., a telemetry service for Cloud platforms such IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) are the main motivations to use Ceilometer as an isolated subcomponent within this project. Secondary contributions of this open-source project include the introduction of novel monitoring concepts, new agents (i.e., application-centric metric), generic and intelligent transformers.

In doing so, the project will propose the integration of Ceilometer with a Rules Engine instance. A JSON-LD API will be provided for allowing the interaction of other modules with the resulting integrated component. The two components together will be responsible for gathering and processing metric information and will trigger actions, thus ensuring the automatized application of a given set of rules (e.g., enforce a SLA).