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Start Date:
July of 2015

CONFIG (COntrol Networks in FIve G)

During the preparation of the first phase of the research and innovation projects of the European 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) within the Horizon2020 framework, at Deutsche Telekom’s initiative, the CONFIG consortium was built. The CONFIG project, running without public EU funding, aims at defining next-generation convergent network architecture from a holistic perspective. Huawei, selected as Technical Manager, is among the key players in the project, together with other world-class network operators and vendors.

A group of 14 leading players within the 5G-PPP, including world class network operators, vendors, research institutes, universities and SMEs, are joining forces in an ambitious research project aiming at defining next-generation convergent network architecture. Focusing on Core Network, and leveraging on consolidating SDN and NFV technologies, the CONFIG (COntrol Networks in FIve G) project targets the definition and design of a clean slate 5G Control Plane, allowing the integration of heterogeneous access networks and the support of services and applications for next generation devices.

Appointed Technical Manager for the project, Huawei is playing a leading role in a consortium made up of major European partners, including network operators (Deutsche Telekom, the Project Coordinator, Orange and Telenor), vendors (Thales Communications, NEC), SMEs (UBITECH, B-com), academic institutions and research institutes (Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Eurescom, IMinds, I2Cat).

The project will be developed in three phases. Starting from the analysis of 5G Use Cases and System Requirements, CONFIG will conceive 5G Convergent System Concepts and Intelligent Connectivity solutions. The project will be completed with the development of Proof of Concepts and 5G Control Plane Prototypes. Notably, one of the key goals of CONFIG is to Lead Standardisation Future Paths, delivering concepts and results, and trying to influence SDOs active on 5G technologies.